Highlighted Features

Empower your district with all-in-one student information powering 90% of Louisiana’s K-12 school districts.

Maximize funds with best-in-class required reporting.

Unparalleled local support from previous Louisiana superintendents, principals, and educators.

Advance student outcomes by using a single-source (SIS) system that monitors real-time student information for actionable data-driven decisions.

Student Insights

Visualize and compare whole-child learning and progress - all in one page.

At-a-glance dashboard of a single student that analyzes current and historical attendance, communication, discipline and more.

Easily compare current previous year non-academic data to address potential learning loss.

Identify non-academic factors for individual student outcomes.


Simplify data import and integration using JCampus.

Custom interfaces for third-party software to accommodate district needs.


Maintain data integrity by using a single-source Student Information System to power third-party software.

Expert JCampus software developers and support staff to support and data export or import needs.